Training Tips

Pilates for Hiking and Backpacking

Backpacking requires you to carry 20+ lbs on your back, depending on the number of days you are on the trail, and an essential part of having an enjoyable trip is making sure you are physically ready. After all, you wouldn’t run a marathon without training, right? Well, the same rings true of backpacking trips and one of the most important areas to strengthen before your trip is your core (abs and back). And the nice thing about Pilates is when you are working your core, you are also strengthening other parts of your body that you need for your hiking adventure- arms, legs, butt, etc. So, say goodbye to crunches and sit-ups!

Follow these 6 moves found on or if you have 30 minutes and need a bit of instruction, or check out the video that is not of any of us here at Just Roughin’ It because we are all on witness protection, and you can follow along from home, work, the movies, dentist office or wherever else you have your phone, to help prepare you for your next trip. Add these exercises to your cardio and strength training routine at least once per week. As you get stronger the exercises may seem to get easy. If that happens, change up your pace, add repetitions or add some weight with dumbbells, kettle bells or medicine balls.

Training for Your Hike

Are you planning a Rim to Rim hike but need some guidance, or someone to be accountable to? Check out our training programs! We can design a training program tailored to prepare you for a Rim to Rim hike of just to get you out and moving.

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