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Lightweight and simple, the Astro™ series offers a plush 3.5-inch thickness and lateral baffles. Lateral baffles are less noticeable than vertical baffles, and prevent the sides of the pad from curling and tacoing around your body. The large Pillow Baffle™ at the head end of the pad ensures that your pillow doesn’t slide off in the middle of the night, and gives a couple extra inches of height for supreme sleeping comfort. A micro-adjust valve allows you to control your preferred level of inflation, and a dump valve allows for fast and easy deflation and packing. Insulated models are lined with Primaloft® synthetic insulation to create a barrier against the cold ground.


  • Plush 3.5” thickness is incredibly stable and comfortable.
  • Lateral baffles for an even, stable sleep.
  • Pillow Baffle™ keeps your pillow in place and adds loft.
  • Micro-adjust valve for customized control over your inflation.
  • Best Use - Camping & Backpacking


  • Compression strap
  • Repair kit
  • Drawstring stuff sack


Long Wide
Long Wide
Minimum Weight1 lb , 4 oz / 570 g 1 lb , 7 oz / 650 g1 lb , 11 oz / 755 g2 lb , 0 oz / 917 g
Packed Size in8.0 x 3.5 in dia9.5 x 3.5 in dia8.5 x 4.5 in dia9.5 x 4.5 in dia
Packed Size cm20 x 9 cm dia24 x 9 cm dia22 x 11 cm dia24 x 11 cm dia
Temp Rating35 to 45F / 2 to 7C35 to 45F / 2 to 7C15 to 25F / -9 to -4C15 to 25F / -9 to -4C
Thickness3.5 in3.5 in3.5 in3.5 in
Dimensions in72 x 20 x 4 in76 x 25 x 4 in72 x 20 x 4 in76 x 25 x 4 in
Dimensions cm183 x 51 x 9 cm193 x 64 x 9 cm183 x 51 x 9 cm193 x 64 x 9 cm
ColorBright GreenBright GreenApple GreenApple Green
Fabric75D PU Polyester75D PU Polyester75D PU Polyester75D PU Polyester

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