MSR Miniworks EX Purifier System

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Brand: MSR

Tipping the scale at just 1 pound, the MSR MiniWorks EX Purifier System is a lightweight yet powerful water filter designed for long-term backpacking and globetrotting. This compact and easy to use pump filter employs a ceramic carbon core to filter out bacteria and protozoa, as well as funky tastes and odors. This bad boy filters at a speedy 1L per minute and you can even screw the output directly onto wide mouth water bottles. This complete system includes the pump filter along with Aquatabs® purification tablets for extra defense against viruses in the sketchiest of locales.


  • No unpleasant iodine taste or health risk
  • Durable ceramic element filters up to 2,000 liters; 50 tablets treat up to 95 liters
  • Pumps up to 1 liter per minute
  • Use in developing countries and popular wilderness areas
  • MiniWorks EX Microfilter and 50 Aquatabs purification tablets
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