We’ll match the price shown on any US-based retailer’s website (excluding manufacturer website) for the identical in-stock product (same size, color, year) within 14-days of purchase.

If you’ve not bought yet…

Call 1.480.857.2477 with where you saw the identical product at a lower price, and we’ll take your order at the lower price. Plus you’ll earn respect from your peers and family for being so price conscious – or lack of respect for being so cheap. 

If you’ve already bought from us…

Call 1.480.857.2477 with where you saw the identical product at a lower price, and we’ll credit back the difference by your original payment method once we have verified the product and price.

The Boring Price Match Rules – they are strict as we are a small, independently owned store.  We are not REI or Moosejaw (which is now owned by Walmart).

  • Excludes prices listed on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, sites that require a membership or subscription fee or sites that are for closeouts like REI Garage.
  • Excludes prices listed on clearance but it is not a clearanced item. For example, we will not match a price on a product from REI garage that is selling for 50% off but the manufacturer has not discountinued said product.
  • A price match will only be honored for up to two of the same item and items cannot be purchased for resale.
  • Price Match policy excludes gift cards.
  • You cannot combine a price match with other promotions, like a free gift or coupon code.
  • A price match will only be honored up to 30% off the original retail price of the item.
  • Shipping prices are not matchable – this means if someone has a free shipping deal on all orders, JRI reserves the right to refuse that match.

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