Olympic National Park’s Shi Shi beach is north of Ozette Coast and is where the amazing Point of Arches is located.  Point of Arches  is one of the most beautiful and photographed areas of the Olympic (Northwest) coast and with some of the best tide-pooling in the area as well.  Starting near Cape Flattery, the farthest northwestern point of the United States, the Shi Shi trail follows the Pacific coast south to the spectacular Point of Arches and past numerous sea stacks and beautiful small bays. You will get to experience 2 of the 3 diverse landscapes Olympic National Park is known for – rainforest and coastline. The third is glaciers which you can get when you come back for another trip!

Shi Shi is a beautiful sand beach with ocean waves rolling in and crashing along the shore. The sea stacks here have been carved out making huge cave like arches for exploring.  Within and beneath the arches are large tide-pools full of sea life. Not to mention sea otters, harbor seals and sea lions that play close to shore. And since we are camping along the river, you see other wildlife like deer and river otters. Little known fact – the sea otters and river otters are big rivals so you might see a gang fight during various singing and dancing numbers. Keep your eyes peeled while hanging out on shore. You might see whales spouting and surfacing!

Want a longer trip for more hiking or time to relax? We can make this trip a bit longer (4 days)!

Day 1

After easy 2 mile walk through a coastal forest trail we get to the coast for another easy 2 mile walk on Shi Shi beach leading to the camp area just north of Point of Arches, where we will be setting up a base camp on the beach near a fresh water river. Some of the best west coast sunsets can be seen from this location. Enjoy the sound of the ocean by the campfire before getting some rest for our hike the next day.

Day 2

Today we leave camp for a day of exploring the area. The morning brings low tides that reveal the true beauty of Point of Arches and the Shi Shi coastal area. After hiking past the Point of Arches, the terrain becomes challenging with steep trails, cliffs and rope climbs, which can only be crossed at low tide. This part of the hike is totally optional, so you can just hang out at camp with the Sea Otters. Total mileage for the day is 2-6 miles.

Day 3

After breakfast, we pack up and hike back out the way we came in – 4 miles along the beach and then back into the coastal forest. When you are done, you will want to come back for more!