For Halloween this year, let’s talk about the ghost we have at our store. And while it does not show itself often (not that we actually seek it out), we did capture this footage on our security camera about a year ago.

Take a look at the security footage.  It may take a few watches to see everything we see, but there is something. Now, you may say “Big woop! That’s just a car some other light shining in the window.”  Well we know it is NOT a vehicle and while there may be other explanations, there is context to this weirdness.

Late November 2018, we had just closed up, set the alarm and were en route home when about 10 minutes later I was alerted on my phone that the alarm was tripped.  While we turned to drive back to the store, assuming we left a door unlocked or unlatched or maybe the wind blew it open, I received a call from ADT about the alarm going off.  They asked if I needed the police called when I mentioned that I could see on the cameras that no one was in the store and all doors were shut.  However, the rep from ADT told me that is was an internal sensor that tripped the alarm.  This totally reminded me of the horror movies from the days before cell phones when the threatening calls were coming from “inside the house.”

Anyway, we headed back to the store, checked everything out and made sure nothing was inside.  We also assumed maybe a bird flew in or something maybe fell over.  Neither was the case.

When the alarm is tripped, all the cameras turn on and record, so on the way back home after we secured everything again, I watched all the footage and discovered the footage you see here. I was slightly jolted, especially after watching a few times and seeimg more than what I first saw.

But that is not all.  The next day, one of the guys that services our AC units quarterly came over for his routine visit.  He reported to us that all was in perfect working order EXCEPT the breaker for one of the AC units was tripped. This would seem less alarming if it was August, but this was late November and as we all remember, last fall was cold and we had all the AC units off since mid October.

We asked him if when the breaker tripped it could have caused the alarm to go off. He was 99% sure it could not (you never can be 100% sure right?) Then we asked which AC unit and it was the one at the center of the store almost directly above where you see the first “flutter” of light.  There is also a motion sensor in that same area.  

We did have recent confirmation when a bird decided to have a slumber party in our store and did not set off the motion detectors as it was flying around having a great ol’ time.  The alarm had never gome off without explanation before November nor has it since.

There are occasional weird things that happen in the store: things falling off shelves when no one is near them, computers, TV’s and other electronics just failing to work and then there is just that “feeling” you get.  But so much can be explained away by typical technological failures, wind and imagination. But what if that was not the case? I don’t look at the cameras that often to see any other abnormalities – just don’t have the time and real reason – but that doesn’t mean other oddities weren’t captured.

Regardless of what you believe or what you think this is, it is Halloween and ghost stories can be fun for some, terrifying for others. 

What do we think this was/is? We find all these events a bit beyond coincidence and enough for us to double take and say WHAAAAT!!?? We are not really on the supernatural bandwagon, but sometimes oddities can send your imagination to places that it deserves to go – a place far away from reality, even if just for a moment. What you believe and see depends much on your life experience and mental framework which is why the seemingly unexplainable can be so intriguing.

So enjoy and Happy Halloween!