Studies have shown that couples that have sex when camping have an over all better sex life. But if you have ever had sex in the wilderness, you already know that it is so much better. And if you haven’t, it’s a darn good reason to give it a whirl. A survey from the tent company OLPRO, highlighted by the Daily Mail, revealed that couples who camp together experience increased levels of passion between the sheets both during camping and after. Not a fan of camping? Here are some reasons you should give camping a try for the sake of sex.

1.) Getitng out into the wilderness reduces stress. Nature will reduce your levels of anxiety and anxiety reduces our desires to have sex.
2.) OK, so being in the outdoors increases your anxiety because you are afraid of bears, snakes or fresh air. But when you have a strong, brave, woodsy/outdoorsey woman to protect you, you will not feel anxiety, for long.
3.) Technology ruins sex. I am not talking about the type that takes D batteries.  I am referring to cell phones, internet, the Google, television, etc. When we have this constant need to check Facebook to see how our best friend’s sex life is, it tends to put a damper on ours.
4.) And besides technology being a distraction, so are the kids, Grandma, housework, homework, the taxes that need to get done, taking out the trash, and whatever else you suddenly decided must get done the moment you and your loved one start getting hot and heavy. If you suddenly remembered you need to make a dentist appointment just as you are getting primed, you may want to go throw on a backpack and get out into the backcountry.
5.) Nature brings out our natural libidos. All the animals are out there having sex – why aren’t you? It’s totally natural.
6.) You’re sharing a small space, or maybe it’s a bit chilly outside, you heard a scary noise – whatever it is, any of these things will bring you closer together – and then nature takes its course.
7.) Your bored. OK, so some people find being out in the wilderness boring – fine. Then cure that boredom and have sex.

But, do you really need other people to tell you sex is better when camping? If you do, then your sex life is likely not going to improve no matter what you do. If you’re not willing to try it out for yourself, then the biggest pitched tent in the world isn’t going to help you! So, grab your tent and go pitch it! It’s time for you to get out in the great outdoors and get your groove on baby!

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