Trip Planning


Do It Yourself 

Route Planning

Options for backpacking in the backcountry are endless and attempting to narrow down the best options for you in a place you have never been (or maybe been dozens of times) can be daunting. We are are to help! We will use our knowledge of Grand Can-yon, Yosemite, Olympic, among others, to help you pick the route or routes for you.

Gear Rentals

We have you covered for gear whether you are taking a 7 day trek in the Grand Canyon or a simple overnight trip in one of the many wilderness areas in Arizona. Just Roughin’ It rents all of the major gear that you need to camp in the backcountry including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, trekking poles, and stoves. 

Permit Assistance

Getting camping permits can be tough at a lot of locations – i.e. Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Our Permit Assistance Service can help you increase your chances of getting a permit in the lottery by utilizing options and strategies that the company has learned during it’s 11 years as a guide service in the canyon.


Just Roughin’ It’s outfitting service does the leg work to get together the items you need to make your backpacking trip into the canyon hassle free. We assemble the gear, plan a menu and help you with trip logistics so you can focus on the business of hiking the canyon. The outfitting package also includes logistical planning.

Logistical Planning

Getting permits is just part of the equation. Now you need to know the What, Where and How. We will put together a trip packet for you that includes maps, trail descrip-tions, directions and transportation infor-mation  based on your permit itinerary and dates. We are here to save you the time you will spend on planning your trip.

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Do It Yourself 

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