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At Taos Mountain Energy, each of their energy bars has a unique taste, texture, and experience. Taos has created healthy, gluten-free energy bars made from non-gmo and organic ingredients. This makes Taos Mountain energy bars the perfect on-the-go snack for the whole family.


Sometimes a little rebellion is healthy in a family, and Almond Agave is our little rebellious energy bar. This healthy bar believes, and we tend to agree, that energy bars really ought to have more in common with cookies.

Soft, chewy and golden-brown, this bar is one part cookie, one part granola bar and all parts amazing. Sliced almonds and sweet agave bond with rolled oats, raisins and nutritious chia seeds to create a bar that goes down just as well on a mountain bike ride as it does with a good book and a frothy latte.


Our Caramel Pecan energy bar is nutritious and has a big personality. It’ll draw you in with its sweet exterior, and keep you coming back with its powerful and lasting energy. This is an energy bar for your bad days, as well as your good ones, for your fearless mountain adventures and your daily commutes.

Local organic pecans from New Mexico drizzled in non-GMO, organic honey, mixed with almonds, cranberries, chia seeds, blackstrap molasses, and finished with a hint of sea salt create a bar that is nutritious, delicious and maybe just a little bit dangerous.


You probably associate chocolate with junk food, but our Chocolate Butterscotch bar begs to differ. Not only does this bar taste great — it’s also packed full of healthy, real food ingredients that will keep you going all day long.

This two-layered bar has a base of our house-ground organic peanut butter paired with crunchy grains, chia and flax seeds. All this is then topped with a layer of fair trade dark chocolate and organic butterscotch that will have you begging for more.


Maple Praline, it’s the healthy energy bar you’ve been waiting for. This sweet little powerhouse has a mere 9 grams of sugar and a healthy 10 grams of protein. Trust us when we say you will be in love upon the first taste! I mean who doesn’t love a healthy dose of maple syrup with a dash of cinnamon? Mix in some almonds, local pecans, coconut sugar and honey. You’re going to find yourself dreaming about the next encounter. Go ahead and make this little slice of heaven a regular part of your day!


There’s a new kid in town, and we can’t stop talking about this healthy energy bar. Pinon Coffee lives up to the buzz, with a crunchy first impression and a delightfully caffeinated punch. This is the energy bar for the days when you need a little something extra, a pick-me-up to get you onto the next adventure — or maybe just through the day.

Almonds and piñon nuts give this bar a satisfying crunch which, when paired with a coffee and dark chocolate drizzle, is reminiscent of digging into a bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans. In other words, pure heaven.


At Taos Mountain Energy, we don’t waste time worrying about trying to fit in. Our Toasted Coconut Energy Bar isn’t like most other bars on the market, but that’s why we love it. Both crunchy and chewy, this is the bar that will have people looking over your shoulder saying, “what’s that and where can I get some?”

With crunchy almonds and flaky toasted coconut, hints of honey and vanilla, and a sprinkling of sea salt, Toasted Coconut is bold and ambitious, the perfect bar to help you dream big.

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